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THE ProgramME


The Programme consists of a nucleus to support two existing and developing projects since 2015 and 2016, respectively: "Sentinels of the Beaches" and "Media Production in Earth Sciences with Emphasis on the Sea". The proposal is to promote, continuously, the full development of continuous academic activities of extension of educational, social, cultural, scientific and technological nature, in support of the activities of teaching of Earth sciences, with emphasis on Coastal and marine geomorphology associated with sandy beaches (Santos-SP, São Vicente-SP, Guarujá-SP and Bertioga-SP, Brazil). It contemplates extensionist actions involving production, information exchange, technical visitations and measurements in the field of morphodynamic aspects of sandy beaches, with the production of didactic material. It indirectly enables the transformative relationship between the public university and Society, in an interdisciplinary perspective with concentration on the following topics associated with the Earth Sciences: Geology (processes), Cartography (digital mapping), Oceanography (climate of waves and coastal currents), Meteorology (wind and tides), Astronomy (Moon-Sun tides) and Coastal and Marine Geomorphology (beach morphodynamics). Regarding the applied Social Sciences the chosen themes are: Used Territory (geographic space used by the population); Social Memory (the signification and resignification of the population on the used-coastal space); Social Approach (contact with the local population, learning about local knowledge and truths, expanding the knowledge produced by the group; concepts and Interpretations of the space and place practiced; capture of life history narrative applied to the transformed landscape). This program also refers to the attendance to the public during the field activities to be carried out in the period of two years in the technical visits in sandy beaches of Santos-SP, São Vicente-SP, Guarujá-SP and Bertioga-SP, Brazil.


The Programme provides:
- Indissociability between extension, research and teaching, with purposes that allow the technical and citizen training of the student of the interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in science and technology with an emphasis on sea sciences (BICTMar) of UNIFESP;
- Interdisciplinarity, which is already a strong brand of the BICTMar course where there are disciplines of the exact sciences and Earth;
- Impact on student training, since the program promotes the mastery of contemporary knowledge that extrapolate the curricular units of the BICTMar course, in the areas of Earth sciences, and which will be formally considered as activities Pedagogical Political Programme (PPP) of the said course;
- Generation of products involving narratives, reports, brochures, banners, slides, didactic texts and publications.

Areas of knowledge: Exact and Earth Sciences; Atmospheric Sciences; Applied Social Sciences and Engineering/Technology.

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THE ProjeCts


1. Sentinels of the Beaches (SENTINELAS DAS PRAIAS

2. Media Production in Earth Sciences with Emphasis on the Sea (PRODUÇÃO MIDIÁTICA NAS CIÊNCIAS DA TERRA COM ÊNFASE NO MAR

Partnerships/Collaborating Researchers:

Carlos Conforti Ferreira Guedes (UFPR), geologist

Wandrey de Bortoli Watanabe (UNIFESP), oceanographer

Anderson Kazuo Nakano (UNIFESP, Instituto das Cidades, campus Zona Leste), urban architect

Renan Braga Ribeiro (UNISANTA), biologist

Sidnei Aranha (Secretaria de Meio Ambiente da Prefeitura Municipal de Guarujá/SP)

Dieter Carl Ernst Heino Muehe (UFES), geographer

Marcia Cristina de Souza Matos Carneiro (IBGE, Recife-PE), cartographer engineer

Roberto Fioravanti Carelli Fontes (UNESP), oceanographer

Marília Cunha Lignon (UNESP-Registro/SP), biologist

Darllan Collins da Cunha e Silva (UNESP-Registro/SP), environmental engineer

Victor Hugo Fernandes (CTUR-UFRRJ), surveyor engineer

Tatiana Sussel Gonçalves Mendes (UNESP-São José dos Campos/SP), cartographer engineer

Maria Angela Galletta, photographer

Fernando dos Santos Codeço (Casaduna, São João da Barra-RJ), artist

Julia Naidin (Casaduna, São João da Barra-RJ), philosopher

Leandro Fernandes Viana (UENF), psychologist

José Mateus Marques Camara (Environmental Engineering student-UNIFESP)

Felipe Prates Gragnani (student of the Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate in Sea S&T/BICTMAR-UNIFESP)

Raul Dias Barboza (student of the Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate in Sea S&T/BICTMAR-UNIFESP)

Thomas Carrara Tangerino (student of the Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate in Sea S&T/BICTMAR-UNIFESP)

Isabela Nogueira da Silva (student of the Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate in Sea S&T/BICTMar-UNIFESP)

Thanks (sincere):

Aristides Arthur Soffiati Neto (UFF)

Tania Andrade Lima (UFRJ-Museu Nacional)

Fábio Luiz Salgado (Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto)

Rodrigo Christofoletti (UFJF)

Cristiane Eugênia da Silva Amarante

Adriana Negreiros Campos (Secretaria de Educação-Prefeitura Municipal de Santos/SP)

Ex-students at UFF-Geografia/Geofísica (1992-2013)

Ex-students at UERJ-Engenharia Cartográfica/Oceanografia/Geografia (2001-2013)

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The "Nucleus of Digital Mapping and Forms of Use of Coastal Territory" is being created to strengthen the two extension projects that are already under development since 2015 and 2016, respectively: "Sentinels of the Beaches" and "Media Production in the Sciences of Earth with Emphasis on the Sea". And this time we will have an extension program with important partnerships, in the framework of technical, cultural, artistic and social aspects. The team is formed by meteorologist, geologist, journalist, cartographer engineers, geographers, artist, philosopher, historian and archaeologists. Studying coastal environments requires interrelationships and dialogues between distinct areas that complement each other, with objects in common. From a marked experience in activities of extension at the mouth of the Paraíba do Sul River in Atafona, Grussaí and Açu, São João da Barra-RJ (Brazil), in addition to experiences in researches applied in Ilha Comprida/SP, on the island Diana in Santos/SP, on the beach of Góes in Guarujá/SP and also at the mouth of the river Itaguaré in Bertioga/SP The group was encouraged and mature, and we are investing in the nucleus in the form of an extension program. Aspects of morphodynamics of sandy beaches is still our focus, with attentive looks and centered on geographic categories, which still holds us very close to our attention: geographic space, place, territory, region and landscape. From 2019 to 2021, in other words, for the next 2 years, the program will also have the goal of approaching "Casaduna" and its valuable and innovative local artistic and cultural expressions in Atafona, São João da Barra/RJ, Brazil. Accumulated footage from the mouth of the Paraíba do Sul River is being edited and will be made available on our Youtube channel very soon. And in this material there are unpublished and spontaneous testimonies of Mrs. Nelite, woman crab and fisherman, a fantastic character in the tangle of people and parts of the landscape in the little mangrove vegetation that still remains in Atafona, in its southern portion. They will be impressive narratives to know about the interpretation of marine erosion on the beach of Atafona, and its truths. The activities of the program will participate in events, film generation, promotion of free and thematic debates, media production, experiences on sandy beaches, studies on their varied uses and their changes in the landscape, and in the way of life of people on the coast.